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My first entry

It’s been years since I last attempted to keep a blog.  However, a number of forces have converged to influence me to reexamine and reengage in the process.  First, I am entering my second year as a high school principal and am desperately searching for ways to become more efficient, more reflective, and more purposeful.  I found it ridiculously easy to be swept up in the tornado of the crisis of the day and want to move past that kind of reactive mentality.  Second, there is a new technology integrator at my school who has ever so gently pushed me to increase my digital presence and develop my personal learning network.  Third, it is now summer time, and I am enjoying the moments of leisure to pause and reflect and develop the structures that I hope will facilitate continued reflection as I go into this next school year.  Finally, I am asking my students to create e-portfolios to capture their learning and reflection ove rtheir four years of high school.  It seems only right that I would model the same.  Et voilà, my blog.  Look for more posts and updatesto the site as the summer goes on.  In the meantime, happy 4th of July!

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